Watching-Up Next

Synchronous capacity with the list broadcasting on AirBox software allows PlayBox NEO to bring solution of introducing watching-up next program. Information of broadcasting and next programs is integrated on beautiful graphic templates bringing the audience visual insight to serve tracking of programs broadcasted on your television channels.

Display information of watching-up next program.
Solution of introducing watching-up next program brings graphic design toolkit containing information of type of program, name of program and countdown clock (using for next program) to provide program content to the viewers.

Display the remained time to next program.
PlayBox NEO integrates count-down clock to show the remained time to next program. This feature allows the viewers to track broadcasting schedule of programs on the television channels.

Edit information of broadcasting list of programs made from ListBox on MEditor. PlayBox NEO system is integrated with synchronous feature with the list made from ListBox software. After importing (.ply) file from ListBox, user is allowed to edit the information of the programs as well as broadcasting time, order of programs.