The attraction of interactive TV with broadcasting companies, the public is increasingly confirmed. However, besides the opportunity of this new form of television, there are many challenges to be addressed. In order to interactive television to healthily develop, the participation of the public to increase more actively, positively, need to many factors. In which, it is necessary to deal with equipment and integration of modern technology in order to maximize the advantages of this form of interaction. Capture the power of social networks, PlayBox NEO has studied and built successfully Social Network solution, creating a bridge between the communication tools and television production. This solution is the smart choice for the programs with the direct interaction with the audience, contributing to increase the autonomy of the viewer, to promote the participation of the audience with the program.

Interactive of feature between live TV programs and social networks, PlayBox NEO Social Network solutions creates a bridge between television station and audience, bringing connectivity tools and increasing interaction as well as the number of viewers of the show.

Create graphical template containing data of articles, comments and messages on the social networks. The solution provides users to post content of articles, comments and messages are taken from a optional social network.