How to introduce featured programs to the audience while broadcasting without influence or interruption of watching programs. How to save expense and human resource for producing sectional view or video of introducing the programs that still ensure to bring the audience fully information. Now, broadcast companies still concerns to find out one optimal solution for that.

Program Introduction Solution of PlayBox NEO is an accurate and suitable choice for the television channels. The solution provides the user toolkit of making content- integrated graphic template. Information of the featured and prominent programs of the television channel is displayed on graphic template interface, bringing the user broadcasting information and time. With economical system installation expense, simple use and other outstanding features, PlayBox Technology is a perfect solution for television stations.

Support fields of data: name of program, type, time, description…

After making graphic template on MCloud, the data is updated automatically based on the synchronized list on ListBox.

Emit graphic templates automatically or by hand in the broadcasting program.