News programs must always be updated quickly and accurately, with editing of video content, broadcasting companies must look for a graphic solution to transmit the content, as well as make the program more vivid and richer

News solution of PlayBox NEO brings a process of editing and graphic broadcasting that is effective, fast, simple and save time, human resources for television station. Content of bulletin will be updated continuously and automatically. Moreover, users can skip design period and process normal content by news content can be uploaded directly to the graphic template.

Designing online graphic template
MCloud is built on the website foundation, providing users with the online design tool. Graphic templates are stored by the cloud computing technology, unlimited space and using time

Updating automatic content
Online Data Management allows users to edit and retrieve content from the option source. After setting up the list and sort the categories of news, new content will be automatically updated every time a user clicks without reset.
Censoring content directly on the software before broadcasting.

After entering the data file from MCloud, MEditor and Mplayer software have feature of downloading the list of news contents. Users have the option to edit, delete or download the content automatically in the data fields to a pre-established graphic template before broadcasting.

Unlimited number of graphic templates and data storage 
PlayBox NEO account allows users to design and store the unlimited graphic templates, data. Besides, graphic repository of user is always privacy