PlayBox Technology is the first choice for many corporate organizations, Government channels, Universities and PEG TV stations. Providing all the quality and functionality of a full broadcast station, PlayBox Technology is straightforward to impliment and use. And our unique “free service for life” philosophy makes our ROI outstanding.





With a strong foundation in science and technology, PlayBox always researching and applying the latest achievements of modern television technology to develop communication systems - ASIA TV. We are working every day to exploit the potential of knowledge and technology to create new products and best quality services to serve customers.

We have established a network of collaborators and agencies as well as educational institutions and research. This network gives us many great ideas and have become a source of input for further development. It is our window to the markets and shops for daily operations.

With its commitment to "customer benefit is targeted to development", we will always provide our customers with solutions and economic efficiency and help customers enhance the image and brand, increase marketing competition in the market.