PlayBox NEO

Making the totally new experiences for audience by combining the technologies of Automation system, Interactive CG and OTT Platform

Automation Technology

MAutomation controls playout servers, graphic servers and streaming services to Facebook, Youtube Web and OTT to make a channel extremely reliable

Interactive CG Controller

MPlayLive is triggerd by MAutomation to create graphic. It is capable of synchonizing with Facebook, Web and OTT to receive respond from audience

OTT Mobile Solution

The high tech, customizable OTT solution is used for not only streaming but also interactive GUI interface

Bringing a completely new experience

Combining many technologies to make a unique live and playback interactive proram for audience


Template Graphic 

Thanks to our amazing customers, we are able to present to you the finest PlayBox NEO projects. Judge us not by what we tell you, judge us by the work our clients are able to realize with PlayBox NEO

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